This year's Toronto Scavenger Hunt pitted some very competitive teams against one another. A beautiful sunny start at Trinity Bellwoods park was followed by extensive exploration of Queen St West and Ossington. Special thanks to Bellwoods Brewery on Ossington who patiently hosted our (at times overly enthusiastic) teams while they tried to solve an extremely challenging tangram puzzle. A few pints in and not many teams were successful. Also thank you to the Foggy Dew for their patio pitchers and of course the Dog's Bollocks for hosting our epic after-party.

Through this day we were able to raise $900 for Camp Oochigeas - not bad for a hilarious day of costumed ridiculousness. Thank you to each of the participants for your eagerness, energy and creativity.

Congratulations to team "Scavenger Hunt for Red October" who won the event overall based on their exemplary skills in hunting, drinking and puzzle solving.

And finally, congratulations to "Team Scooby Sleuths" for their epic costumes. Poor Scooby must have been quite toasty on this sunny day.


Route Map



Some of our favourite moments of the day:

  • the spirited arrival of Team Sushi and their transforming costumes
  • so many teams in laundromats genuinely helping Torontonians clean-up
  • the fun of posing creatively with an inflated orca at the after party
  • the Scavengers (aka The Racoons) and their creative photo poses
  • Many incredible Parkour videos
  • One absolutely tremendous Dancercise How-To video
  • the significant number of strangers that were dragged in off the street into our after party to satisfy the hunt list item "A stranger"
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