Corporate & Private FISH Events

Due to popular demand, we now arrange custom hunts and hunt-style events for corporate and private clients. FISH will get your friends and colleagues out of the office, into the streets, and playing together. We will work closely with you to organize an event that reflects your office culture and gets people laughing on the day and for years to come! (With photo evidence to capture it all!)

Why go FISHing? Our events:

  • encourage out-of-the-box thinking
  • promote team-building
  • get creative juices flowing
  • compel teams to interact with, and get to know, their local neighbourhoods
  • support local businesses
  • generate positive and lively energy
  • settle inter-office rivalries, once and for all!

Our pricing structures vary according to each hunt’s specific set-up. We offer packages starting at $399 and can offer self-run or staffed events.  Our hunts can be adjusted to groups of all sizes and can be as simple or complex, as adventurous or as ridiculous as you wish.  Do you want a fun but economical event that is hosted within the walls of your office?  We can do that.  Would you prefer to plan it all at the zoo…or the art gallery…or the waterfront….we’ve done that, too.   We will fit the right activities, challenges, and budget to your unique needs. Contact us , and we will help you become the all-star event planner of your office or social circle!

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