What the F is FISH?

So… what the F is FISH? FISH stands for The Incredible Scavenger Hunt! But it’s not just a scavenger hunt – it’s also a race, a line of puzzles, a test of your wits and more. Our flagship FISH events are annual city-wide scavenger hunts in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON and we now host private events for corporate team building and parties.  Teams race through the city, solving their way to the awards party at the secret end location!

Imagine your team running through urban city-scape while you:

  • chase down creative clues
  • complete challenges
  • solve riddles
  • search out collectibles, and
  • capture outlandish moments on camera…

…all in an effort to be the first team to reach the finish line with the most points!

Rules of FISH

  1. All members of each FISH Team must be present at the opening ceremonies to review rules.
  2. Team members must stay together throughout the hunt. Dividing and conquering is not acceptable. Stay united oh little school of fish!
  3. Teams are not permitted to use any vehicles unless confirmed by the hosts. For instance, no public transit, cars, bikes, taxis, hitch-hiking, skateboards, tricycles, roller-blades, rikshaw, jetpack, hoverboard, uber, ATV, snowmobile, train, etc. We will allow exceptions for planes, boats and anything involving horses because they are all especially impressive. If necessary, we will recommend a day-pass for public transit.
  4. Each Team must bring atleast one smartphone with a reasonably good camera feature and access to the internet.
  5. If a Team does not reach the End Location by the established End Time, the Team must call the Hosts for the secret End Location and join the rest of the teams immediately.
  6. Joining forces with another Team may seem like a good idea, but you’ll be a FISH out of water if you start following another team. Follow your own current.
  7. Typically, Race Points are awarded for the those Teams who arrive first at the end of location.
  8. Hunt Points are awarded for each successfully collected item, photo and video from the Bonus FISH List. A Host will review the collectibles with each team upon arrival.
  9. Minus Points are deducted from teams who cheat by traveling in unapproved vehicles, skipping clues, splitting up team members, opening decoy envelopes, calling the help hotline or other actions as recognized by the Hosts.
  10. If at any time a team is stuck on a particular clue, they may call the Hosts for a hint. However, this assistance will cost the team some Minus Points.
  11. Random Awesome Points may be awarded at the discretion of the Hosts for any reasons such as random acts of kindness, especially awesome completion of the Bonus FISH List, impressive costumes and enthusiasm.
  12. The final winning team is the team with the highest TOTAL according to this formula: Race Points + Hunt Points + Random Awesome Points – Minus Points = TOTAL
  13. All FISH Teams are encouraged to say for post-FISH festivities to share war stories, trade photos and find out the winner.




FISH was started by three friends in Vancouver in the beginning of 2008. The goal was to
organize a fun daytime event that would combine a race, a party and of course,
a scavenger hunt! The first FISH hunt was held in June 2008, and was a great success.
Everyone realized that there was more here than just hilarious pictures, videos and memories.
This was something that really brought people together… and FISH, the Incredible Scavenger Hunt, was born!

FISH has grown every year, mostly by word of mouth alone. Each year, we now host two flagship FISH events, and we expanded to Toronto in 2010. We’re growing creatively, too! Every year we challenge participants with new clues, riddles and activities. We never stop brainstorming – we love this stuff!


The Team

Meet the team behind our FISH scavenger hunt events! We’ve been working together for years, which means anything goes!

West Coast


FISH Nickname: Minnow
Melanie FISH Position: Founder,
Hunt Extremist
Hometown: North Vancouver, BC
Background: Before co-founding FISH, Mel honed her games skills making up board games (a round of “Rejula”, anyone?) and entertaining her friends as an amateur prankster. Around since the humble beginnings, Mel is especially enthusiastic about the puzzles and logistics side of FISH
Favourite Colour: Purple (looks great on a Christmas tree)


FISH Nickname: Angel Fish
Ashley FISH Position: Founder, Organizer
Hometown: North Vancouver, BC
Background: Queen of Organization! Co-founder of FISH in 2008, Ashley has been on top of keeping it organized! Known for texting pictures of the organizing process, she is actually way more fun than she sounds, we think it is because she is also crafty.
Favourite Colour: Ashley loves everything lime!


FISH Nickname: Ginger Fish
Becca FISH Position: Business/Marketing Guru
Hometown: North Vancouver, BC
Background: Becca has been a FISH participant every year and is the winner of both “Best Costume” (in her first year, for dressing up like a scavengy animal menagerie) and “Shark Bait” … for dead last 🙂 She’s super enthusiastic and is always the life of the after party!
Favourite Colour: Green (like trees and tropical oceans).


East of Winnipeg

Julia K.

FISH Nickname: Puffer
JuliaK FISH Position: Founder (Toronto), Organizer
Hometown: Waterloo, ON
Background: Julia K’s earliest memory of game-playing is when she set up monopoly tournaments between herself and her teddy bears. With a creative mind and an engineering background, she’s a strong force for scheming. She co-planned FISH in Vancouver before moving back to Ontario to bring the hunt to her friends and family.
Favourite Colour: Blue. Everything that is great, is blue.

Julia W.

FISH Nickname: Guppy
FISH hunt FISH Position: Founder, Co-director of Corporate Hunts (Toronto)
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Background: Julia W co-founded FISH Vancouver way back in 2008 – and she was devastated to leave the mountains and return to Toronto later that year. But her eternal optimism returned when in fall 2010, she and her namesake brought FISH to Toronto.  FISH combines all of Julia’s favourite things – solving puzzles, running, being part of a (winning) team, and engaging in a healthy dose of competition.
Favourite Colour: Blue and white in the winter; red in the summer (did we mention that she is from Toronto?)



What is FISH?

FISH is an Incredible Scavenger Hunt. Also known as, the most fun you’ll have this year – or – the easiest way to earn the most entertaining stories for your colleagues on Monday morning. Maybe these pictures will help explain!

Who can participate in FISH?

Anyone who is ready for the challenge. However, some scavenger hunts may have limits for participants under the age of 19. We can cater events to any age group.

What do I wear?

Weather appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes – you’ll be on your feet a lot. We highly encourage costumes, too. Not only do we often give points for this, but costumes also help you interact with the public! Everyone loves someone dressed like something cool.

What do I need on the day of FISH?

Apart from some extremely talented team mates, you should bring a charged digital camera, blank memory card, the USB adapter, bus fare or a transit day pass, bottles of water, a charged cell phone, personal ID, and your ferocious competitive spirit.

How much does FISH cost, and what is included?

FISH fees vary according to city and number of participants. Typically there is a $30 per person minimum charge but this price can grow depending on the level of difficulty planned for the event. This fee covers supplies for completing challenges, various clues and final prizes.

How long does FISH take?

Each event is different but typically 3 to 5 hours. A team must balance the priority of the race with the priorities of tracking down the collectibles!

When does FISH happen?

Our FISH flagship scavenger hunts are held once a year in Vancouver and Toronto. The dates will be posted on this website once we know (check here). However, if you the reader want to hunt another time, we can plan a customized hunt for you and your friends at any time of the year.

How do I register?

Sign up using this form, it’s that easy! Remember that payment must still be sent via email money transfer to gofish.hunt@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can always just email us at gofish.hunt@gmail.com and we’ll hook you up.

Do I have to assemble a whole team or can I register as an individual?

You can do both. You could register a team of 4 – or – if you’re a pair or solo, FISH organizers will work their magic to match you with other players to make a full team – don’t worry we won’t split you up!

Can I have my own FISH hunt?

Sure! Check out our Corporate & Private Hunt page for more information!

My question isn’t here. How do I get more information?

Super easy! Just email us at gofish.hunt@gmail.com, or use the form here!

How hot is the sun?

Really hot! The surface of the sun is about 5,500 deg C (10,000 deg F). Whoa.


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